How do I make a Website?
How do I make a Website?January 15, 2023 (10mo ago)

I see lots of developers start coding straightforwardly without having any designs or plans before coding it.

If I don’t make any designs and don’t build a website step by step, I would get confused and I would not know what I’m doing, and easily it’ll overwhelm me.

If I read this blog, I’ll know how to make a website step by step without getting any confusion.

Let's build a website step by step.

and the first step is...

Think about the design

If I want to start coding and I don’t know what I should make or design, I need to think beforehand about the design I want to make.

I should put most of my time into thinking about designs, like:

  • What should Navbar look like?
  • What should Header look like?
  • What should Footer look like?
  • and …

When I am done thinking, I should go and do…

Design it

That’s right, I should design it so that I know what I am doing and how my website is going to look.

There are a few applications that I can use for designing, e.g.

I am going to make my portfolio. let’s make it step by step.

I will use Figma for designing it, and it looks like the image below:

Design it

Thinking while designing

When I am designing the website, I have to think about how to code it, and also I have to make the code in my mind and ask myself “Will I be able to do it or not?”

If Yes, then I have to continue my designing, If not, then I have to change and design it in a way that I can code it.

Ex: How should I think about code when designing it?

Thinking while designing

“There should be an h1 at the top, and there have to be 2 divs, and I have to use a grid-box in this situation, and inside the first div, there have to be 3 buttons and inside another div, there has to be an image, and other information related to what content is and …" - It is easy to code, let's continue my designing -

Make everything ready

Before jumping to code, I need to make all the files and folders ready for the project and download all the packages.

Let’s make it clear:

  • Make all the files, folders, and assets
  • Download all the packages
  • Add fonts
  • Store the colors in the CSS file that I’ll use later
Make everything ready

Make a Repo (optional)

I have to save my codes somewhere that I can access very easily.

GitHub is the best place to do so.

If you don’t know anything about GitHub, follow one of these tutorials:

Make an issue (optional)

Why should I make an issue?

Issues are for collaboration and assign to someone…

But I can do one for myself, and write all the tasks that I have to make them one by one.

I can add task lists, and whenever I’m done with the task I’m going to check the mark so that I can go and continue making other sections.

Make an issue (optional)

Start Coding

Now, I can start making the website.


The benefits of following these steps:

  • I know what to do
  • I know how to make it
  • I know about colors
  • I know how to make it responsive
  • I know it won’t overwhelm me
  • And many more…


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