How do I make my animated content?
How do I make my animated content?

This will help you to make animated contents for your social media with PowerPoint. (Learning something with animation doesn't get easier than this)

November 30, 2023 (1y ago)

Why animated Content?

Why should I create animated content?

Animated content is something that everyone loves, and it can make lessons easier to learn.

If you are trying to increase engagement on social media, I would recommend creating animated content.

Why did I start making animated contents?

I have been creating content since the beginning of this year (2023).

When I first uploaded my content, I realized that it would not only increase my engagement but also be appreciated by others.

This is the first content:

I knew that this was indeed going to change everything and be appreciated by most people.

I received lots of encouraging comments, so I decided to continue creating content.

How did I find +14k audience on Twitter?

I kept sharing content for a month, and my followers increased from 2k to 10k in that time.

Why me?

I know how to create this kind of content, and if you compare my first and most recent content, you will notice significant changes in design and performance.


You don't need to know anything to make this kind of content because I can teach you exactly how to do it.

All you need to have is PowerPoint.

You must have a Microsoft 365 subscription or use PowerPoint 2019 or PowerPoint 2021.

Learning how to make

1. open the application

Click on Blank Presentation

1. open the application

2. insert some shapes

for inserting shapes: simply go to Insert → Shapes

2. insert some shapes

3. Make a new slide

Right click on the first slide and duplicate the slide.

3. Make a new slide

4. Change the size and position of the shape

Choose your duplicate slide and change the size/position/color of the shape.

4. Change the size and position of the shape

5. add transition between each slides

Choose Morph transition. Morph transition will do the main job.

5. add transition between each slides



Exporting as Video/GIF

In PowerPoint, You can also export your slide into a video or a GIF.

1. Go to the file

1. Go to the file

2. Click export

2. Click export

Click Create a Video or Create an Animated GIF

You are done and you can share it with others. 🙂


That is all you need to know to make animated contents.

Thanks for putting your time and following all the steps to create your own contents.

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